Last Orders: 89 Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Last Orders: 89 Grassmarket was a small group exhibition consisting of paintings and drawings from Fran Rokhlin, Freddie Topps, Hermione Macmillan and myself. Hermione, Fran and I looked at a few venues without success and I suggested that we could have the exhibition at my flat because it’s a good location, a different environment to a gallery space and the living room is spacious enough to accommodate several people’s work. The flat has got a few sofas and armchairs, so on the evening it worked well, as people stayed and had a few drinks as it was a cosy setting, rather than the ‘white cube’ atmosphere. Fran and I designed the poster and wanted to emphasise the gin and tonic/alcohol theme to the event as the flat address sounds like the name of a cocktail bar and on the poster we illustrated cocktails that represents our work and personalities. To promote the opening event further, there was a Facebook event and we put up the posters around ECA. As a group, we all contributed to curating where the work would go and how it would fit in with the domestic environment. I cleared clutter and cleaned out the living room before hand but we still wanted to embrace the homely atmosphere.